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HSD 73V At The G.V.V.T Museum

The above pictures of HSD 73V were taken on the day I collected her from her previous owner

J Kennedy, on the 28th November 2007.

The HSD 73V Story ....

Leyland Fleetline HSD 73V was bought by myself, Kenny Barclay on the 28th November 2007. She entered preservation back in May 2005 at the G.V.V.T museum in Glasgow after purchase by J Kennedy from Tim Draper Travel. Previous to that HSD 73V operated for TM Travel, Derbyshire after withdrawl by Clydeside in 1996.

A three month push to complete the restoration of HSD 73V was started in February 2008 just as the restoration of my Clydeside Scottish Leyland Leopard GCS 50V was nearing completion. The restoration process included extensive body repairs, re-panel work and finally a repaint into the original Clydeside Scottish livery of Red & Yellow, as carried during the late 80's.

I was brought up in Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire during the 1980's and 1990's and Clydeside Scottish was therefore my local bus company. In June 1988 I started a summer job working for Clydeside Scottish at their Johnstone Depot, one of the many depots HSD 73V was allocated to during her Clydeside career.

HSD 73V was completed in May 2008 as M73, The M stands for Thornliebank Depot (From the days when the Depot was located in Newton Mearns!) the depot she spent most of her time with Clydeside at.

Below is a brief history of the vehicle from the information I have to hand. I intend to develop this site further over time and include more information and photographs of HSD 73V both in service throughout her long career, and during restoration. I will also add more content as HSD 73V enjoys preserved life and attends shows and days out!

If you have any photographs, comments or further information please get in touch!

HSD 73V Technical Information

Leyland Fleetline FE30AGR          Chassis Number - 7905633

Alexander AD Body Number - AD19/779/4

Seating - H44/31F

New - 02 July 1980 To Western SMT as DR73

Thank you to "Bus lists on the web" for above information!

Allocation and Livery History

07/1980       Delivered new to Western SMT as DR73 in Red and Cream livery

Allocated to Dumfries Depot.

05/1982       Transferred from Dumfries Depot to Thornliebank depot in exchange for

For a Leyland Leopard.

06/1985        Western Scottish’s Northern Depots pass to new Clydeside Scottish Company.

Renumbered M73 still at Thornliebank Depot.

05/1989        Back to Western Scottish ownership as R973. Still allocated to Thornliebank.

10/1991         Passed to new Clydeside 2000 company as 873. Still Thornliebank!.

11/1991         After 9 years at Thornliebank Depot, Transfered to Inchinnan Depot.

09/1992        Transfered back “Home” again to Thornliebank depot.

11/1993         On the move again, Thornliebank Depot to Johnstone Depot.

06/1994         Re-registered 705 DYE.

08/1994         Allocated once more to Thornliebank Depot.

12/1994          Re-registered WDS 112V.

09/1995         Last move in her 15 year SBG career, Thornliebank to Johnstone Depot.

05/1996         Withdrawn and Sold to North, Sherburn (Dealer)

07/1996          Passed to Watts (TM Travel), Staveley, Derbyshire.

03/2002         Sold to local Derbyshire operator Tim Draper Travel,Tibshelf.

05/2005          Purchased for preservation by Hugh Cumming and John Kennedy.

11/2007          Purchased by K Barclay from J Kennedy.

02/2008          Restoration started including Major Bodywork, Re-panel and paint.

05/2008          Transformation back to Clydeside Scottish M73 complete!

04/2009          Vehicle moves with sister Clydeside Scottish Leopard GCS 50V, To rejoin

the G.V.V.T collection.

Two members of the Clydeside Fleet complete at Lathalmond May 2008.

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