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GCS 50V Western Scottish

Below are pictures of GCS 50V as both JL50 and DL 50 in Western Scottish Red and Cream livery. This is the livery she was delivered in, in April 1980 and carried until January 1991 when she was repainted into two tone grey, black and white livery. The first picture was taken at Paisley Cross shortly after the vehicle was delivered. She is working the service 20 which would have taken her through Kilmacolm, where I grew up. The other pictures were taken in Dumfries during 1985 when she was 5 years old. I managed to source a replacement set of "Leyland Leopard" badges and a PAYE light which was refitted to the front as shown in the first picture, this had been removed during her time with Clydeside 2000. Many thanks to David G Wilson, David Devoy, Paul S A Redmond, Colin Devine and Robert Forsythe for the pictures and kindly allowing me to use them on my site

GCS 50V as JL50 shortly after delivery to Johnstone Depot. Seen aproaching Paisley Cross heading to Johnstone. Copyright David Devoy.

Another view of GCS 50V as JL50 shortly after delivery. Again the photograph was taken at Paisley Cross. this time heading toward Glasgow. Copyright David G Wilson

GCS 50V as DL 50 Taken during 1985 in Dumfries. Copyright Colin Devine

GCS 50V Again as DL 50 Taken in Dumfries on 14 September 1985. Copyright Robert Forsythe

GCS 50V Again seen in Dumfries as DL50. Photo Copyright Ralph Barker.

GCS 50V again seen in Dumfries as DL50. Date unknown. Copyright Paul S A Redmond.

Notice in this picture the nearside wiper is missing! In later photos after the wiper has been replaced the PAYE sign has been removed! I assume the complete front panal complete with wiper motor was changed.

Below is the only picture I have of GCS 50V in Two Tone Grey, Black & White Livery. Although not the best picture GCS 50V can be seen behind GN940. The picture was taken by Stewart J Brown in Greenock sometime between November 1989 and November 1991.

GCS 50V In Two Tone Grey, Black & White livery Taken in Greenock. Copyright Stewart J Brown.

When Colin Devine found out I had NO pictures of GCS 50V in Western Two Tone Grey, White & Black livery, he very kindly painted me a picture of GCS 50V in this livery as she would have looked in service in Greenock between November 1989 and November 1991. Thanks very much Colin, you are a fantastic artist!

Picture Painted By Colin Devine Of GCS 50V As She Would Have Looked In Service At Greenock November 1989 To November 1991.

Copyright Colin Devine.

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