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Days Out And About 2010

Below are details and pictures of various days out that myself, friends and other museum members have had on GCS 50V, HSD 73V, B509 YAT and E187 HSF. This page of course will be updated over time! If anyone has any other pictures taken on any of these days out please let me know!

Sunday 21st March 2010

Today was a special day for all St Mirren fans and the town of Paisley. St Mirren were through to the C.I.S Insurance Cup Final at Hampden Park and due to play Rangers with a 3pm kick off. My good friend and lifelong St Mirren fan had requested a few weeks prior to this if he and a few friends could have the use of a Clydeside Scottish bus to take them to the big game. Why a Clydeside Bus? Well the last time St Mirren made it to the cup final in 1987, Clydeside Scottish was the team sponsor and my friend though it would be very fitting to turn up to this cup final in a Clydeside bus. The original plan was to use Clydeside Fleetline HSD 73V, however problems with 2nd gear and being untaxed meant it would need to be GCS 50V. A quick run to Lathalmond the Sunday before and GCS 50V was moved back down to GVVT and checked over ready for the big day.

We arrived at GVVT around 11.30 and got GCS 50V ready, a quick stop for fuel and we were on our way to Paisley. It was strange driving around Paisley and seeing many of the fans wearing St Mirren tops with the Clydeside Scottish logo! We were to collect our passengers outside the Bull Inn at 1pm and they had very kindly also arranged a parking space at Hampden. Once we got a few photos and got everyone on board we set off for a quick tour of Paisley including passing the new football ground. GCS 50V coped very well with the almost full load of excited fans and we made good time arriving at Hampden dead on time.

Although it was a close game, unfortunlately the team lost and a rather quieter bus headed back to Paisley. After a few more photos it was back to GVVT and the end of another interesting day! I was delighted to be able to make the day a bit more special for the fans. Thanks again to Iain for organising everything and John for helping with some of the driving.

All ready to head to the game

All ready for the game, with Hampden in the background.

Back in Paisley after the game.

A photo from 1987 after St Mirren won the Scottish Cup, complete with Clydeside Bus in the background.

Saturday 10th April 2010

Happy 30th Birthday GCS 50V

Today GCS 50V was 30 years old! It was a really nice spring day so decided to take her out a Birthday run! Headed down the M74 from GVVT to Larkhall, then headed along A71 to Stonehouse, Strathaven and back to Glasgow Via East Kilbride and Rutherglen. As usual no problems encountered and once back at GVVT finished the day off with a good wash inside and out.

Some other slightly older members of the GVVT collection also out and about on Saturday 10th April 2010.

GCS 50V Ready to head out a Birthday run!

G750 Just outside East Kilbride Saturday 10th April 2010, in the Easter Sunshine.

Sunday 16th May 2010

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin enteToday was the spring 2010 S.V.B.M (Scottish Vintage Bus Museum) running day at Lathalmond in Fife. GCS 50V traveled through with others from the GVVT collection and joined my Eastern Scottish Volvo Citybus E187 HSF and Orkney Coaches Bedford YNT Plaxton Paramount 3200 B509 YAT. All three of my vehicles operated some free runs to Dunfermline and the surounding area and this year no problems were experienced. GCS 50V remained at Lathalmond and we returned to GVVT via the Forth Bridge on my Bedford coach. A most enjoyable day with fantastic weather yet again.ring your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

G750 Arrived safely at Lathalmond and ready for her next run into town.

E187 HSF and GCS 50V part of the line up next to Edinburgh Leyland Atlantean EWS 812D

GCS 50V out and about at Lathalmond. Photo copyright James Williamson.

Saturday & Sunday 14th /15th August 2010

This weekend was the S.V.B.M Lathalmond open weekend. Regarded as the biggest and best event in Scotland. Vehicle and visitor numbers were great this year and the weather was fantastic too! Two of my vehicles are kept at Lathalmond as part of the collection, and on the Saturday morning I joined many of the other members at GVVT and set out with GCS 50V for an enjoyable run to Lathalmond. After a stop to pick up a few visitors at Dunfermline we arrived at Lathalmond in good time for important things like lunch! GCS 50V stayed at Lathalmond and we returned to GVVT with my Bedford coach B509 YAT. We returned to Lathalmond on the Sunday a little later than planed due to the driver having a bit of a sore head! And another great day was had by all. My uncle who was over from Belguim for a few days took a trip up and enjoyed the show, joining us for the return journey to GVVT onboard my Eastern Scottish Citybus E187 HSF. I was most impressed to see that a photo taken earlier in the year of GCS 50V was on the front cover of Duplicate, the SVBM Magazine and visitor guide for the weekend.

G750 is pictured just after arrival at the Lathalmond open weekend 14th & 15th August 2010. Photograph copyright Peter Barclay.

G750 is pictured in the August sunshine next to another former Clydeside Scottish vehicle M110 RMS.

The Scania was new to Clydeside and after service with Arriva has now moved to Coakley.The two are pictured during the Lathalmond open weekend 14th & 15th August 2010.

G750 is pictured in the August sunshine during the Lathalmond open weekend 14th & 15th August 2010.

G750 is pictured during the August 2010 Lathalmond open day operating a free service for visitors. Photograph Copyright Lee Barnett.

Some passengers enjoying the free service from Dunfermline as part of the Lathalmond open weekend August 2010.

Duplicate 59. The SVBM magazine with GCS 50V on the front cover.

Saturday 9th October & Monday 11th October 2010

Sunday 10th October 2010 was the annual G.V.V.T open day at the Bridgeton bus depot. My Eastern Scottish Volvo Citybus E187 HSF took part in the event, since it was already at G.V.V.T in place of GCS 50V. However GCS 50V ended up making the trip down from S.V.B.M at Lathalmond a few days before to enable some photographs to be taken of my two Clydeside Scottish vehicles GCS 50V and HSD 73V alongside fellow Clydeside Scottish vehicle, Routemaster RM835 which was visiting G.V.V.T for the open weekend. RM835 made the trip up from England on the Friday 8th October along with Mr George Watson, former Managing Director of Clydeside Scottish. George was keen to get some photographs of all 3 of the vehicles together for a book he was working on about the history of Clydeside Scottish. Since HSD 73V was V.O.R the photographs were taken in the yard at G.V.V.T.

On Monday 11th October following the open day, a trip was made to Renfrew Ferry and Paisley Cross with RM835 and GCS 50V for more photographs. After some great photographs RM835 started the long journey south whilst GCS 50V made the journey north back to Lathalmond.

The three Clydeside Buses together at G.V.V.T Saturday 09th October 2010. HSD 73V, WLT 835 and GCS 50V.

HSD 73V and WLT 835 at G.V.V.T Saturday 09th October 2010.

The three Clydeside Buses together at G.V.V.T Saturday 09th October 2010. HSD 73V, WLT 835 and GCS 50V.

The three Clydeside Buses together at G.V.V.T Saturday 09th October 2010. HSD 73V, WLT 835 and GCS 50V.

George Watson, former Managing Director Clydeside Scottish and myself, Kenny Barclay at G.V.V.T Saturday 9th October 2010.

GCS 50V and WLT 835 get ready to head out to Renfrewshire for some photographs, Monday 11th October 2010.

WLT 835 and GCS 50V at Renfrew Ferry, Monday 11th October 2010.

GCS 50V and WLT 835 at Renfrew Ferry, Monday 11th October 2010.

GCS 50V and WLT 835 at Renfrew Ferry, Monday 11th October 2010.

GCS 50V and WLT 835 at Paisley Cross, Monday 11th October 2010.

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