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Days Out And About 2008

Below are details and pictures of various days out that myself, friends and other museum members have had on GCS 50V, HSD 73V, B509 YAT and E187 HSF. This page of course will be updated over time! If anyone has any other pictures taken on any of these days out please let me know!

Sunday 20th January 2008

Today we took HSD 73V for a short run around Beith. We called up to the church in the town centre, the location of the photos of GCS 50V taken for the Bus and Coach magazine article.

Sunday 17th February 2008

HSD 73V was booked into W H Malcolm at Johnstone to have the speedometer fixed. At sometime in her career she had a tachograph fitted and I wanted this removed and a normal speedometer fitted. On the way we called in at Johnstone station.

M73 At Johnstone Station.

HSD 73V Parked up at W H Malcolm yard at Johnstone.

Sunday 23rd March 2008

Today was the day GCS 50V, finished as Clydeside Scottish G750, took to the road for the first time! We took her for a short drive around the Beith area to get some photographs and videos with a few guests on board including Sandra and Philip Lamb from Bus & Coach preservation magazine.

GCS 50V Outside the garage at Beith ready for our trip out!

GCS 50V On our trip out around Beith.

Tuesday 8th April 2008

Today we took GCS 50V for a run to some locations in Renfrewshire and Inverclyde she previously operated. After a fuel stop at Renfrew Road, we headed into Renfrew and called in at Arriva's Inchinnan Depot. G750 was allocated to this depot from Jan 1994 till May 1995. G750 turned plenty of heads in the depot and many of the managers and staff who remembered the Leyland Leopards and Clydeside Scottish can down to see the vehicle. After Inchinnan we headed through Erskine, Bishopton and on down to Port Glasgow. From Port Glasgow we headed back to Beith via Kilmacolm where photos were taken again at the Cross and Houston Road after a former Clydeside employee waved us down to have a look at the bus! G750 preformed well and a great day out was had by all!

The old meets the new in Renfrew!

Some pictures taken at Arriva's Inchinnan Depot. G750 was allocated here from Jan 1994 till May 1995.

A few pictures taken around Church Street Port Glasgow.

GCS 50V Back in Kilmacolm, this time as Clydeside Scottish G750.

Wednesday 14th May 2008

HSD 73V was almost complete and today was booked for M.O.T at Reids of Paisley. Below are some pictures taken of her outside Beith now wearing her Clydeside Scottish livery, without some of the stickers! and also at Reids.

Ready to leave Beith for Paisley.

Reids of Paisley ready for M.O.T

Sunday 18th May 2008

Today was the spring 2008 S.V.B.M (Scottish Vintage Bus Museum) running day at Lathalmond in Fife. Both GCS 50V and HSD 73V were able to attend, this was the first event both vehicles had attended in Clydeside Livery. Both vehicles made it there and back ok! Although Hugo did have to put up with a faulty low water buzzer sounding in the cab of HSD 73V all the way to Lathalmond and back! Many thanks to S Crichton, Gary Conn and Ewan Gray for allowing me to use some of their photos on the site.

Ready to depart for Lathalmond on the Sunday morning.

On the road to Lathalmond GCS 50V, following Gary and Martins Kelvin Scottish Metrobus. Photo Copyright Gary Conn.

HSD 73V Outside Buchanan Bus station, Glasgow on the way to Lathalmond. Photo copyright Ewan Gray.

Both vehicles arrived safely and part of the line up.

Hugo, Ewan and Myself with HSD 73V at Lathalmond May 2008. Photo copyright S Crichton.

A rear view ! Showing the Clydeside Scottish adverts on GCS 50V and HSD 73V.

The Clydeside Crew. Myself and Hugo Gilmour with G750 & M73 at Lathalmond.

After a great day, time to head back to Beith.

Wednesday 21st May 2008

My uncle arrived from Europe today and needed a lift to Kilmacolm to visit my Gran. Alan was also keen to see my buses at Beith so I decided to give him a lift to my Grans in GCS 50V.

Myself at the wheel of G750 and also outside my grans house in Kilmacolm.

Saturday 16th August 2008

Today was the first day of the August 2008 S.V.B.M (Scottish Vintage Bus Museum) annual two day event at Lathalmond in Fife. Regretably HSD 73V was not able to attend, however GCS 50V attended on Saturday and my Eastern Scottish, Volvo Citybus E187 HSF spent the weekend there and was my "bed" for the night after a BBQ and a FEW drinks ! on the Saturday night with Ewan, Andy, Shug and others. This was my first time at the Lathalmond August event and I had one of the best weekends of my life with both GCS 50V and E187 HSF working a few shuttle services to and from Dunfermline to the event. Many thanks to Scott Houston for driving GCS 50V to and from Lathalmond.

E187 HSF and GCS 50V at Cumbernauld on the way to Lathalmond.

E187 HSF and GCS 50V with George Grays Midland Scottish Metrobus B105 PKS. B105 PKS can be seen next to GCS 50V before restoration in the photographs taken at the Kilmarnock open day.

GCS 50V Operating a shuttle service to and from Dunfermline. A healthy load was carried both ways!

Thursday 9th October 2008, Sunday 12th October 2008 & Tuesday 14th October 2008

This was the annual G.V.V.T (Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust) open day in Glasgow. I brought G750 up during the week to allow her to be placed as part of the line up. The photos below were taken during the event and also on Thursday 9th October and Tuesday 14th October, the day I collected G750 and returned her to Beith.

G750 Arrived at G.V.V.T on Thursday 9th October 2008 ready for the open weekend.

My mum and dad next to GCS 50V at the G.V.V.T open day.

GCS 50V with other visiting vehicles ready to head home after the open day.

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